Different is Good

1,000,000 of the same thing. Who wants that? The same old thing. A brand is special when it is unique. A unique brand that is differentiated will be noticed and will be more memorable. Consumers use a logo and brand identity to distinguish products and services. If your brand does not communicate a difference, the consumer will not see you at all or will see little reason other than price to make a purchase. Many marketers look at competitors and try to mimic the success a competitor has. When a brand is not differentiated, it will not own a unique position in the consumer’s mind. It is difficult for a copy cat brand to earn the same respect from the consumer. You can't copy brand identities because all brands are different. It is not just copying a competitor that leads to lack of differentiation. Not clearly understanding the benefits that make your brand a better choice also leads to problems. Clear differentiation is a primary reason that consumers choose a brand. Be DIFFERENT. Different is good.

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